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On demand

On demand is one of Nobina's services and is a way to offer public transport for travellers "on demand". With on-demand services, travellers can order their own journey anytime, anywhere, anyhow. The traveller gets on and off at specific points, a kind of virtual stop. On demand has already become a reality in Säffle, Sunne, Barkarby, Sundsvall, Kinna (Västtrafik) and Sollefteå (Din Tur).



Nobina has operated the X-line in Säffle since November 2021, with very good results:
What happened?
  • Travel has increased tenfold
  • 71% carpooling
  • 8 minutes waiting time
  • 150 virtual stops
  • 25 - 30 000 journeys annually

The advantages of On demand

  • On travellers' terms
  • Flexible and accessible
  • Real-time co-planning
  • No timetable
  • No routes

Increased revenue

New public transport travellers who currently do not use public transport
Each bus has the potential for 25,000-30,000 travelers annually.

Increased customer satisfaction

Travelers are offered a completely new type of flexibility, which creates very high customer satisfaction (6.7 out of 7 in Säffle).

Rebalancing of the traffic

Depending on how travel develops, adjustments are made to the traffic after the first year in order to maximize travel and the economic benefits.

Community paid trips

By combining different types of community-paid travel, we and society can offer travellers more options and increased access to public transport - while making smarter use of procured resources.

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