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Travis – first in Sweden with Mobility as a Service

One of Nobina Technology’s innovations is Travis, which is Sweden’s first real MaaS (Mobility as a Service) platform. MaaS involves combining different modes of transport and using the passenger’s needs as a starting point in a digital service with both travel planning and payment.

Travis for you as a passenger

Do you want to find the fastest journey or the cheapest alternative? Or simply travel in a more environmentally friendly way? Travis gathers all travel in a single place. Bus, metro, taxi, train, boat, car using car pooling, electric scooter, bike or a brisk walk? Travis collects and locates a large number of modes of transport and providers to then be able to offer you the journey that best suits you – in real time and regardless of where you are.

You can see how long it will take to your destination and what each journey costs. Once you have selected your journey, you can quickly and easily pay for it using the Travis app.

Through Travis, you also receive constantly updated information about transport disruptions and any detours that could affect your journey. Using map view, you can quickly gain an overview of the travel alternatives available to you and clear directions to the nearest bus stop and metro station.

Your favourite journeys and destinations that you travel to several times a week? Using the quick selection view, you get direct access to how to get there and all of the departure times.

Travis is the only companion you need on your journey. Start your next journey in Travis.

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