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Long-term resource use

Long-term resource use involves being economic with resources in connection with major decisions and in day-to-day activities. From the choice of the buses we purchase, fuel and energy, to the consumption of office materials. In addition to our own efforts to minimise our climate and environmental footprint, we impose demands on and challenge suppliers and clients using proactive ideas.

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Our strategic focus areas

Proactive partner

We will be a proactive partner for our clients by taking initiatives that improve collaborations and our solutions for them. This includes developing contracts and conditions throughout the contract cycle.

Resource efficiency

Technical innovations, efficient operations and optimised use of resources enable us to strengthen our competitiveness and contribute towards a sustainable development of society with more fossil-free travel. Through efficient resource use and production, we strengthen Nobina’s competitiveness and contribute towards sustainability in society.

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Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

The goal is to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Nobina is focusing on the interim target 12.2, which concerns having sustainable management and using natural resources as efficiently and sparingly as possible.

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Examples of what we do

  • We train our drivers in ecodriving.
  • We invest in new electric buses and are endeavouring to convert our bus fleet to 100-percent renewable fuel – the percentage increased to 82 percent in 2020.
  • We reduce the energy consumption and water consumption in our bus depots.
  • We strive to optimise services for optimal resource utilisation.

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